iPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera

  • $115.99 CAD

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This iPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera includes both 12 megapixel rear-facing cameras, one wide-angle camera with Optical Image Stabilization and one telephoto camera with optical zoom. If the camera assembly has sensor issues, problems focusing, or is malfunctioning, you'll want to replace this part. Keep in mind, the lens cover is not physically integrated with this part-it's on your iPhone's rear case-so replacing the camera won't fix a scratched lens.

Fix Kit Contents:

  • iPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera
  • iPhone 7 Plus Display Assembly Adhesive
  • Spudger
  • Suction Handle
  • Angled Tweezers
  • iFixit Opening Tool
  • iFixit Opening Pick
  • Kit Bit Driver
    • Precision 4 mm Bits:
    • Pentalobe P2
    • Phillips #000
    • Tri-point Y000
    • iPhone Standoff Bit

iFixit's Lifetime Warranty.

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