Precision Cleaning Kit

Precision Cleaning Kit

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  • Spudger - an iFixit standard with many uses, great for scraping and picking.
  • Halberd Spudger - Scoop out lint with the hook, or use the blade to clean tight spaces.
  • Angled Tweezers - Useful for grabbing lint or debris from ports, but be careful not to damage the delicate pins within!
  • DeoxIT D100L - Cleans tarnished or corroded electronic contacts, helps improve conductivity and protects against future corrosion.
  • Cylindrical Brush - Plastic bristles and compressible, this brush perfect for scrubbing headphone jacks, USB ports, SD card readers and more.
  • Medium Foam Tipped Swab - For swabbing or applying solvents to USB ports or ¼ inch audio jacks.
  • Precision Foam Tipped Swab - Highly compressible, excellent for swabbing and applying solvents to small ports and connections.
  • Precision Tipped Micro Brushes - Two different diameter brushes allow light scrubbing capabilities in tight spaces in all USB type ports, barrel jacks, lightning ports and so-on. Handle colors may vary.
  • Small Detailing Brush - Small diameter light brush for dusting ports. A good follow-up tool after harder scrubbing.
  • Plastic Pick and Brush Combo - For dislodging stubborn buildup from tiny ports like USB-C or Lightning. The brush side offers some light scrubbing abilities along with grabbing lint.
  • Lint-Free Cleanroom Wipes - Best when used with some Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe off your tools after cleaning your device.
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